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In the fitness and bodybuilding realms, the allure of rapid muscle gain often leads individuals to explore various supplements and compounds, among which SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) have gained notable attention. However, a common question that surfaces for many contemplating or embarking on a SARM cycle is the longevity of the muscle gains post-cycle. This comprehensive exploration seeks to shed light on this topic, while emphasizing the critical importance of informed decision-making and responsible use.


The Reality of Muscle Gains on SARMs

First and foremost, it's paramount to clarify that the use of SARMs, not being approved for human consumption, falls into a gray area of health and ethics. Their allure comes from the promise of significant muscle gains without the side effects commonly associated with anabolic steroids. However, expectations must be tempered with reality. Contrary to some of the more extravagant claims floating around the internet, the actual muscle gain achievable through a SARM cycle is far more modest.

Realistically, a well-structured SARM cycle might yield about 5lbs of true muscle gain. While this figure might seem underwhelming compared to the exaggerated claims of 30lbs increases, it's a substantial and impactful gain when viewed through the lens of natural bodybuilding progressions. For context, professional bodybuilders, leveraging every available resource, might aim for 1-5lbs of muscle gain per year. Thus, a 5lbs increase from a single SARM cycle is noteworthy.


Preserving Muscle Gains Post-SARM Cycle

The crux of the matter, and the focus of much discussion, is the retention of muscle gains following the cessation of a SARM cycle. Achieving this requires a multifaceted approach, encompassing diet, exercise, and hormonal balance.


Diet and Exercise

Post-cycle, your body's metabolic demands have shifted to accommodate the new muscle mass. Adequate caloric intake, with a focus on quality protein, carbohydrates, and fats, is essential to fuel these gains. Likewise, a well-designed workout regimen that continues to challenge the muscles is crucial for retention. Slacking in either of these areas can lead to rapid loss of the hard-earned muscle.


Hormonal Balance

SARMs, by design, target androgen receptors in a way that can impact the body's natural hormone production, notably testosterone. Compounds like Rad 140, LGD 4033, and S23 are known for their potential to suppress natural testosterone levels. This suppression is a key factor in the post-cycle loss of muscle gains.

The importance of a post-cycle therapy (PCT) cannot be overstated. A PCT is designed to help restore hormonal balance, particularly by aiding the body in resuming natural testosterone production. Without this step, maintaining muscle gains becomes significantly more challenging, as low testosterone levels can lead to muscle catabolism.


The Necessity of Pre and Post-Cycle Labs

Monitoring your body's response to a SARM cycle is crucial, which is where pre and post-cycle lab tests come into play. These tests offer invaluable insights into how your hormone levels, among other health markers, are affected by the cycle. Ensuring that your body returns to its hormonal baseline post-cycle is essential for long-term health and the maintenance of muscle gains.


A Word of Caution

While this article seeks to inform and guide, it's crucial to reiterate that SARMs are not officially sanctioned for human use. Their effects, both positive and potentially adverse, are still subjects of ongoing research. Anyone considering SARMs should proceed with caution, prioritize exhaustive research, and ideally consult with a healthcare professional.



The journey through a SARM cycle and beyond is fraught with complexities and challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining muscle gains post-cycle. Success in this endeavor requires a holistic approach that does not end with the cessation of supplement use. Diet, exercise, and especially hormonal health are the pillars upon which the lasting impact of a cycle rests.

For those in the community seeking resources, guidance, or simply to save on their fitness journey, reputable sources and discounts can be invaluable. Remember, the path to physical enhancement is a marathon, not a sprint, marked by informed choices and responsible practices.

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