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DadBod 2.0

I Changed, now its time FOR YOU TO CHANGE!

I'm not here to create IFBB Pro bodybuilders, but if we can get your waist down to the smallest its been, grow those skinny 13" Arms to 18" and start having women call you a DYLF, then this is the place for you! I will help you get fit, plan for the future, and stay on a path that will keep you healthy through retirement, so you can take your kids and grandkids camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or whatever it is that you are passionate about.

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These are Companies I have used and Trust

2024 High Quality SARMS, and Peptide Brands

Kimera Chems - 10% Off

A Re-Branding of Chimera Compounds. They have excellent customer service, fast shipping and High Quality Products.

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Chemyo - 10% Off

Chemyo is a reputable US-based vendor specializing in SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). They prioritize transparency, rigorous testing, and quality control. Their product lineup includes popular SARMs like Ostarine, RAD140, and Cardarine. Researchers and fitness enthusiasts trust Chemyo for reliable research chemicals.

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Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems - 10% Off

Swiss Chems is a reputable US-based supplier of high-quality SARMs, peptides, PCT, and nootropics. Their commitment to 99% purity, rigorous testing, and excellent customer support makes them a trusted choice for researchers and fitness enthusiasts .

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Sports Technology

Sports Technology - 15% Off

Sports Technology Labs is a trusted US-based supplier of high-quality Peptides and SARMs. They prioritize transparency, rigorous testing, and quality control. Researchers and fitness enthusiasts rely on their consistent products for muscle building, fat burning, and anti-aging effects .

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PureRawz - 20% Off

PureRawz is a reputable US-based supplier specializing in high-quality SARMs, peptides, and other research chemicals. Their commitment to rigorous third-party testing ensures product purity and safety. Researchers and fitness enthusiasts trust PureRawz for various health and performance goals.

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Vintage Muscle - 28% Off

Vintage Muscle caters to fitness enthusiasts. They offer products related to muscle building, fat loss, and overall health. Some of their offerings include prohormones, supplements, creams, and post-cycle therapy products. Additionally, they provide a free Spartan Training eBundle and have a blog with fitness-related information.

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Ironmag Labs - 20% Off

IronMag Labs is a pioneering brand in sports supplements like pre-workout, liver health and more. They offer prohormones like Super-DMZ, topical muscle creams, and post-cycle therapy products. Their commitment to quality and transparency sets them apart in the fitness world.

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Muscle Gelz - 20% Off

MuscleGelz is a brand offering topical cosmetic products designed to enhance muscle growth, fat loss, hormone balance, and overall wellness. Their range includes products like FIRE, GROWTH, INCINERATE, and more. The website provides safe ordering, customer reviews, videos, and an affiliate program.

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Enhanced Athlete - 10% Off

Absolutely HUGE Selection of supplements. All good quality, a ton of options to choose from. This company is growing rapidly and You'll be seeing a lot more of them in the future!

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30 Minute Call: $69.95 

30 Minute Call $69.95 

Get a 30 minute call with me to answer all your questions on stacking, supplements,Call: etc. Need Help designing the perfect combo to reach your goals? Tired of wasting money on supplements and products that don't work? I will help!

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Welcome to DadBod2.0
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Together, we can turn you into Someone women want!
Brian Duclos

New Online Instant Access Workouts! DadBod By Brian Duclos!

My name is Brian Duclos and I am a health and fitness enthusiast - a few years ago, I transformed my dad bod. I went from being pudgy after the army to being fit, trimmed, and toned within months of me taking that leap of faith. During that time, I discovered what products to take, how to trim fat and build muscle easily, how nutrition plays a big part in cutting and bulking, and so much more. My only desire when creating Dadbod 2.0 is to help you get back in shape by sharing what has worked for me so that you can gain some new knowledge and change your life too!

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What you Get Here

Instant Downloads

I have designed a number of workout programs and informational E-Books. All are available to download instantly! The workouts were designed for men who dont have much time to work out, but still want to get in better shape.

No B.S. Information

Over the years I have tried many things, letting my Youtube Subscribers know how it went and what I learned. This has saved them Thousands of dollars on bad or un necessary products!

Fast Shipping

All of the Physical products are shipped from a 3rd party facility. They all guarantee shipping in 4 days or less. If your not happy, I'll Refund you!

DadBod 2.0

I'm Here to Help YOU!

Long term healthy is extremely important, and usually overlooked by younger guys until it is too late.

I will help guide you to find the RIGHT Medical advisors and Doctors who Actually Want to Get You Healthy!

I'm not asking ANYTHING of you except that you never give up!

I do have a number of affiliate links on this website that I receive a commission from. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO USE THESE LINKS! They will however, save you money if you choose to buy the product or service referred to.

Who will YOU be

Who will YOU be?

I know several men who are over 80 years old and I still see them in the gym 3-4 days per week lifting weights. Yes, they move a bit slow, and don't lift a lot of weight, but, I also know (as I'm sure you do) Many people who are as young as 50, bedridden from bad health, morbidly Obese and dying; all because they chose to eat like crap and not focus on fitness. Which group would you LIKE to be in? And which group are you currently on track to fall into?

If you are ready to change then Take The First Step Now! Go talk to a good Dr who cares about your health, and check out the workout programs in the link below.

Lets get YOU on a Road Map that leads to a longer, healthier, and Happier Life! LETS START NOW!

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Spring Sale Ends Soon! See Timer Below
Spring Sale Ends Soon! See Timer Below
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