What if you could get in the best shape of your life and be a better dad, husband, friend, colleague, human? You might think that is impossible but I promise you that it’s not! My name is Brian Duclos and I am a health and fitness fanatic. I love living life but, more importantly, I love feeling my best self whilst living life to the fullest!

Confidence is a powerful thing. The kind of power that renders you more assertive and successful in your endeavors; the type of presence people notice without even realizing why. Now imagine what would happen if this confidence was built through fitness? Dadbod 2.0 will help you transform into a confident figure with a renewed lease on life. 

The “dad bod” phenomenon is a term that was hyper-popularized in the media to describe an adult male who has let himself go physically. Men with this type of build “typically” have no interest in dieting or exercising, but are content with being able to spend time with their family. A lot of guys say they are happy with the way they look: a little too much pudge, but not enough to be considered obese but no matter what type dad bod YOU may have right now, there is always room for improvement.

It’s time we reclaim what dad bod means; a dad bod can be fit and toned, and strong. A dad bod is whatever that dad decides his body will be; temples for longevity so that dads have more energy as parents--which, in turn, helps their kids too! Dadbod 2.0 has all sorts of resources that will help turn your current physique into something you’ll be proud of- from workout guides tailored towards YOUR goals (whether that is fat loss or muscle building) to the best SARMS products to specialized nutritional plans that can make it easier than ever before when following any program. I am super positive that together, we will transform your life while we transform your body! 

Now I sound real confident but promise you I always wasn’t in a body that was this fit either. Back in 2016, I was semi-aware that I was uncomfortable in my body but it wasn’t until I saw some candid photos my son took of me that I realized just how much I had let myself go after my years in the service.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; I was aware I didn’t have the same vigor as I did in my 20’s but that’s the thing about photos. That’s tangible proof and representation of what you currently look like at that specific moment in time and that was one image I couldn’t change, as hard as I had wished.

 My body already looked soft and weak and I no longer felt the same zest for life, the sex drive, or the physical strength that I did in my 20’s. I realized that my testosterone levels were starting to drop due to my age but I was willing to get on testosterone replacement therapy to feel better, improve my sex drive and raise my energy levels. In addition, I was also looking to take high-quality supplements and SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) to build muscle mass faster and achieve my goals. 

When looking for help, I dug deep, spending many nights researching how I could achieve my ultimate dad bod whilst being safe. I know what it takes to help you get your dad bod into the best shape as I’ve been there myself. There’s no need to be ashamed of what you want your body to look like. With Dadbod 2.0, we can all get the kind of bod that is right for us and will help achieve our goals in fitness so that we have a positive impact on those around us too!

The number of men who are looking for ways to better themselves is on the rise. As a man in this position, it can be tough to find reliable information about what products or programs work and which ones don’t. These programs I offer as well as any recommendation I give, I learned through trial and error. I am all about showing you how to get there by sharing information on what has worked for me as well as testimonials from other men who have been where you are now: looking for help!  When you buy products or services based on my reviews, posts, articles, or YouTube videos, you’re getting the real authentic truth in what is safe versus what is dangerous out there. 3 things I always keep in mind when presenting SARMS or HPLC tested products, is the following:

1.) Do the product(s) really do what they claim they do? 

2.) Are there any side effects or dangers associated with taking/using the said product(s)?

 3.) What would happen if you stop using the said product(s)?

It's important to know what you're putting on your body - I want you to be able to make the best decisions possible. When we’re desperate to modify and rapidly transform our bodies, we might be susceptible to scamming with either fake or harmful products that can cause unwanted side-effects and possible harmful damages, in some cases. I feel it is my responsibility to help anyone wanting to get fit fast without wasting their money on poor quality or ineffective products. I have done the best research I can on the information on top products, workout routines, the right type of diet as well as hormone replacement therapy. 

Look in the mirror now and meet yourself where you are, as you are. Then take the Dadbod 2.0 Challenge and transform your body, soul, and mind completely so you can look in the mirror proudly- looking fit, strong, awesome -- just like all those men with their confidence restored by getting into the best shape of their life. You can meet fellow-minded people in our forum where you can share your experiences, your victories, and your missteps on this journey and receive an amazing amount of support while you accomplish your goals. This journey is a tough one and Dadbod 2.0 is here to support you throughout your journey.