Will you lose all your muscle gains from SARMs?

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Hey, guys. Welcome back to DadBod2.0. In todays article I'm going to be discussing whether or not you will lose all muscle gains after ending a SARM cycle. Now, I'm not encouraging your use of SARMs. They're not meant for humans consumption, so you're not supposed to be taking them in the first place. But this is a question I got asked, so I'm going to try to answer it. I'm not a doctor, I'm not giving medical advice, so please take everything I say with a grain of salt and do your own research, okay?


So when somebody does a cycle of SARMs specifically, chances are they're going to gain a significant amount of muscle, right? There's a lot of blogs and YouTubers out there that are saying, oh, we can take S4 or Ostarine or whatever else for four weeks and add 30lbs of muscle or something ridiculous like that. And that's not going to happen. Even on a good cycle of anabolic steroids, let's say you're running anadrol or superdrol, you might put on 10lbs of solid muscle in a six week cycle. You might gain a lot of extra weight on top of that from glycogen retention and water. It's not actually muscle gain, okay? So when I'm talking about muscle gain here, a good significant amount of muscle is anything above, like 5lbs of retained muscle. Realistically speaking, if you're adding 5lbs of muscle in a month and you continue that throughout the year, you're going to have a pretty significant amount of muscle. That would be 60lbs of muscle a year, which is a huge, huge gain.


You look at pro bodybuilders and they might add 1-5lbs max per year, right? It's very minimal gains, especially when you start getting bigger. So keeping that in perspective, running a cycle of something like SARMs, and you gain, let's say, 5lbs of good solid muscle, not water weight, that's still a good result for a cycle regardless of what you're taking. And that's my opinion, and a lot of people are going to argue that in the comments, but it is what it is and that's very generalized.


There are always exceptions out there. There's always outliers out there. But to keep the muscle gains from any cycle, specifically SARMs, you have to be continuing your workout and diet adequately post cycle in order to maintain those gains. If you're not consuming enough calories, if you're not consuming enough of the right calories after your cycle ends, in order to support that new muscle, you're going to lose it, just like if you're not exercising correctly to maintain that muscle after your cycle ends, you're going to lose the muscle.


Now, there is a third factor that plays into that, and that's the hormones. If you're running something like SARMs, especially something like Rad 140, LGD 4033, LGD 3303 or S23. It's going to reduce your natural testosterone production or even completely crash it. And so you need to bring your natural testosterone level back up, at least to where it was normally before cycle.


And then that's why labs before and after a cycle are so important, to make sure that your hormone levels return to normal. Okay, so something like a SARM is going to be crushing testosterone levels. It's not spiking estrogen, it's not spiking prolactin. Those should stay about where they normally are before cycle, even throughout the cycle and afterwards. The problem is the testosterone level is going to be reduced.


So if you're not running a testosterone base, your testosterone level is going to get suppressed throughout the cycle. And when your cycle ends, your testosterone level is very low or almost zero compared to before the cycle. And having that low testosterone level is going to make it extremely hard to maintain the muscle gains throughout the cycle. That's why a post cycle therapy is so important. That's why labs before and after a cycle are so important.


That way you can make sure you're back to where you were before the cycle, and you need to make sure that your hormones are in check, your diet is in check, and your workout routine is in check in order to maintain that muscle. So, yes, you can maintain it. In my opinion, you can gain whatever amount of muscle and maintain all of it post cycle if you're doing everything correctly. That's the whole point of doing something like that, right? It's not, oh, I'm going to take an eight week cycle and look good for a couple of weeks and then lose it all.


The point is to gain the new muscle and maintain it post cycle, right? So if you're doing everything correctly, you're going to keep those gains. Once again, I have to say, I'm not encouraging people to use SARMs. This is based on my own research, and everything I'm talking about can be found if you do your own research, either through Google or whatever. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt.


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