What is RAD-140?

What Is RAD140?


If you have spent any significant amount of time around bodybuilders, you are probably aware that most are looking for a way to improve their physical performance and look. A compound that is being used more frequently is RAD140, otherwise known as Testolone.


Before continuing, it should be noted that this product is not approved for use by human beings. It is currently through the testing process and clinical trials to determine its viability as a product used in both the treatment of cancer and as a natural supplement. Therefore, in no way should you believe that this article is an endorsement of the use of RAD140.


What Is RAD140?

To begin to understand this compound, an explanation of what exactly RAD140 does would be a good starting place. Testolone is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). If you are scratching your head about what that means, do not fret.


A SARM helps to maintain the desired effects of androgens to prevent common types of conditions that a person frequently encounters, especially as they age, such as muscle loss or osteoporosis. Androgens are a group of sex hormones that help to begin the process of puberty. They help with such things as muscle development, bone density, red blood cell production, sexual desire, and other common parts related to puberty.


When androgen levels begin to decrease, there are a number of conditions that occur, including lower sex drive, fatigue, greater propensity for bone fractures, and osteoporosis. When a person uses a SARM, they are looking to promote the desirable effects of androgens, especially related to muscle mass and bone density.


When a person uses a product like RAD140, what they are seeking is for the androgen receptors located in tissues such as muscle and bone to have a higher affinity or desire to incorporate these androgens into the tissue. This helps a person to maintain muscle mass, even improve it, while also improving bone density.


Clinical Tests Being Conducted

That sounds like a great thing. One of the primary effects of aging is that androgen levels decrease in the bloodstream in tissues, leading to a greater likelihood that a person would suffer a severe muscle injury or tear or what have issues with their bones, such as fractures occurring more frequently or osteoporosis. Improving the androgen receptors would help to diminish the possibility of these conditions occurring.


Currently, there are clinical tests being conducted to ensure that RAD140 not only delivers as expected but that there are no detrimental effects in using this compound. Currently, this is being tested on animals, and some positive results have been revealed, but most scientists expect that the benefits of RAD140 will be limited at best.


RAD140 is currently being used in the treatment of breast cancer and with those suffering from osteoporosis. However, its use has not been limited to these areas. Current research is examining its effects on Alzheimer’s disease, and there are many in the sports world who are seeing benefits from the use of testolone as well. While banned by most international bodies, NBA star Joakim Noah and former Florida Gators quarterback Will Grier are among a growing list of professional athletes who have used RAD140 to help them in their recovery from serious injuries.


What RAD140 does is increase muscle mass, reduces fat, and increase bone density. These are all things that athletes, bodybuilders, and those who frequent the gym would find beneficial. However, what has made RAD140 so popular is that many of the common side effects associated with steroid-based compounds are not seen when one uses testolone. Studies have not found that the compound leads to an enlarged prostate or that the testicles shrink. This is commonly found with anabolic steroids but has not been the case with this product.


However, at this point, there have not been enough studies conducted to conclusively determine what the long-term side effects of using RAD140 may be. There have been some reports that RAD140 lowers lipid counts, suppresses testosterone, can lead to hair loss, and can cause ventricular information. However, this is a product that has really only garnered attention in the last eight years, so there is not enough research that has been conducted at this point to determine its overall side effects.



One of the primary benefits to users has been how RAD140 can be introduced to the body. In traditional anabolic steroids, one was required to inject the steroid into the body. There are some who were introducing RAD140 into their bodies in the same way. However, many vitamin and supplement stores offer RAD140 in pill form.


While no conclusive data has been provided as to which method is the best, there seems to be a minimal difference in the overall effectiveness between one taking the compound and a pill form as opposed to using it as an injectable. Typical dosages range from 10-30mg per day or every other day due to its long half life of approximatly 60 hours. One could probably dose every third day and still maintain decently consistant levels.


Is This as Good as Steroids?

One of the primary reasons why people take steroids is that they are looking for a product that will help to improve muscle mass and overall athletic performance. So, the question then must be asked if RAD140 has the same benefits as traditional steroids.


Conclusive data cannot provide an answer to this because there has not been enough research conducted on this product. Again, one must consider that this is just in the clinical trial phase. However, there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence that supports the benefits of RAD140.


According to these reports, testolone helps to promote cell growth and virilization. These are traditional male characteristics and are associated with mail-related androgens. According to reports, RAD140 helps to improve cell growth and strength while also improving bone density and structure.


Of course, there is no conclusive research data that support these reports.


What You Should Know

For men who are using hormone replacement therapy, RAD140 has been found to be a great alternative. The bulking cycle has found that RAD140 promotes a significant increase in lean muscle mass, which would benefit those who are looking to improve their physical appearance.


Because of the positive reports, RAD140 is frequently sold in health and fitness stores. This article does not endorse the use of this product, and it has not been approved by the FDA for use. One should keep this in mind if they decide that this is a product they want to include as part of their fitness routine.


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