Trying to decide whether to increase or decrease SARM dose? This is what I do

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Today Im going to be talking about how I determine whether I'm going to increase or decrease my use of a specific PED. Now, before I get into the content, I'm not a doctor or anything like that, so please, this is just my own relay of information based on my own experience and my own education on these topics. Don't replicate these experiments on your own without consulting a doctor first. These products are not approved for human consumption, depending on what I'm talking about. So make sure you're not breaking any laws or doing anything illegal.


All the products I talk about that I've used on myself, you can find in the link in the video description. There are discount codes for each of those companies. Once again, make sure that the products you are purchasing from those companies are legal in the area where you live. I have people watching this channel from all around the world. Some countries you can go down to the local convenience store and buy steroids. Other countries you can't even hardly buy creatine without having the FDA raid your home.


So make sure you're following your local laws. Don't be copying what I do, because what I do is an experiment on myself, and it's not recommended that you do it. I like to use SARMs. As you guys know, they are the majority of what I've used in my body recomposition, going from obese to relatively fit with SARMs. That's what has helped me the most. That's what I tend to go towards when I'm looking for something to help me build muscle and lose fat as a PED, in addition to my TRT I talk about in other videos I’mon TRT year round, I think TRT is the number one priority for guys out there who are looking to get into better shape. That should be the number one focus for the base of not only testosterone, but as a base PED moving forward in your life. Most guys are naturally low anyways. Getting off topic there. So for me, if I'm wanting to get X results from a product, let's say I'm looking to build muscle and I'm taking a product, I'm going to start at a low dose and work my way up until I start getting side effects that I don't like.


And then I'll reduce the dose slightly and stay there until I've achieved the results that I want. All right, so now all that being said, I start with the low dose, work my way up till I see the side effects. Something like maybe hair loss or acne increase depending on if I'm using a sarms, steroid or pro hormones. Those all have different categories of side effects that I keep my eye out for. Once I start seeing those, I'll reduce the dose to where that side effect reduces a little bit and then I'll stick there until I get the intended results from that product.


Now, if, like I said, I hit that part, that dosage where I'm starting to see negative side effects that I don't want, then I reduce it. That's when I decide to reduce. The other option is when I come to the end of the cycle, then obviously I just stopped taking the product. And start by PCT when I'm not on TRT. When I'm on TRT I don't need to worry about the PCT. I do, however, take stuff like liver support throughout and post cycle, even though I'm on TRT, because the liver is separate from the testosterone production system.


So that pretty well covers increasing and decreasing in how I look at it.


Start low, work my way up, and then back off a little bit till I have a comfortable medium of results in ratio to side effects. So, hope you guys enjoyed the video.


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