Top 3 SARM sources in 2022

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SARMs are not meant for human consumption. It's very important that you do not take SARMs. If you're you're an animal, you could take them, but if you're a human, please don't. They're not approved for human consumption. Keep that in mind. All that being said, the top three sources are always going to be in my video description. You go to link in the video description, and I have a source list there, you click on that link, that will take you to a landing page. And that is constantly updated with the companies that I use trust and recommend for research purposes only. Please keep that in mind. Okay, guys, these are not intended for human consumption. If you choose to use them, that choice is on you, I'm not directing your use of them. Take this information with a grain of salt.

I'm just throwing out there the three companies that I would choose myself if I was an animal and I was going to take these, which you're not supposed to do as a human. So the number one choice for me has always been Chemyo. They are probably the gold standard in product quality, consistency, and great customer service. Chemyo is a great company. They have a good reputation, been around for a very long time. In third place, I have Sports Technology. Sports Technology is another great company out there. They offer credit card processing and shipping to Europe. Very few companies do that right now. So for those of you watching out of Europe and you have a lab rat, you want to get Yoked out a little bit, Sports Technology might be the company for you. They do offer LGD 4033, and they are one of the only companies around right now that carry LGD 4033.

Now, in second place, I saved Swiss Chems for second place because there's a lot more to this company that I want to tell you guys about. Once again, SARMs are not meant for human consumption. Please don't use them. Swiss Chems carries a lot of products on top of SARMs. So they have peptides, nootropics sexual function pills such as Tadalafil, that kind of stuff. So they have a wide variety of products. They bought out the rest of Science BIOs peptide inventory and relabeled it. So for those of you guys who were fans of Science Bio, you can get pretty much all of their products off of the Swiss Chem's website as long as supplies last. Like I said, if you go to the link in the video description, all three of these companies are listed there, along with a few others. You guys can go there, check that out, and get discounts from each of these companies by using either the link or my code. And that helps both of us out. Saves you some money. So Swiss Chems is probably going to take first place here in the near future because of a couple of reasons. First off, I'm tired of the liquid SARMs because usually the flavor is so bad. And once again, it's kind of hard to read the brain of my lab rat and what he's thinking, but I can tell my lab rat doesn't appreciate the flavor when I'm dosing him. And so having the capsule form is a little bit easier on the rap, and he seems to be a little appreciative of not having to drink that nasty tasting stuff. Okay. Swiss Chems has almost everything in capsule form. They also have a number of nasal sprays, which are great as far as the peptides go. So, like I said, go check them out. You get a discount by using my link or by using my discount code DadBod2.0. Hope you enjoyed this article, and I'll see you in the next one. Take care.

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