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Hey guys, I'm going to be talking about what may be the best SARM. Before I get into that though, SARMs are not meant for human consumption, so please don't be using them on yourself for another a person. This is simply my experience and my education on these products and I'm relaying that information to you for entertainment purposes. So this is not in any way, shape or form intended to be a directional video on how to use these products or recommending them for human use, because they are not approved for human use.


What may be the best SARM? Well, that depends really, on your goal. I've talked in a few videos about how pretty much all the SARMs could be used for either a bulking or a cutting type routine based on your diet. And diet would be more of a factor, in my opinion, on the outcome of the cycle rather than which SARM is being used. Now, that being said, if you have a specific goal, certain SARMs might be a little bit better than other SARMs, although, as I said, any of them could be used on either a bulk or a cut, with diet being the major contributing factor in the end result.


My favorite of all time is Rad 140, and you guys have probably heard that in several videos. I like how I get pretty good results on it with basically no side effects. Even on my labs, I had one Liver enzyme raised by one point after significant usage. And so for me, virtually no side effects and pretty good results. Increased aggression, increased strength, increased size, increased recovery, et cetera.


And again, I'm not recommending that people use these products, okay? There are a lot of other SARMs out there that people absolutely love better than Rad 140. Rad 150 is a good one also, it might be better than Rad 140, although I haven't really used it long enough to make that determination.


Rad 150 is like an upgraded version of Rad 140, but there are other SARMs like YK-11, S23 and most recently, AC 262 has come into the market through a couple of different suppliers and it seems to be what could potentially become the best SARM out there for any and all cycles. So I'm going to break that down a little bit.


Before I do that, though, I want to break down each of the most popular SARMs and kind of what they're used for. The first ones I'll talk about aren't actually SARMs. Those are MK677, Cardarine and SR9009. Cardarine and SR 9009 have both been used for increased endurance for cardio.


Guys usually associate these with a fat loss cycle because they can increase their cardio output significantly with those products and they also tend to help metabolize fat. They are not actually SARMs. MK 677 is also not a SARM. It's a growth hormone secretagogue.


It's causing your body to produce more growth hormone through activating the ghrelin in your system. Again, not for human consumption, not approved, but they're very good for supporting any pretty much any cycle. These are great for guys who want to be able to put out as much effort as possible in the gym.


So something like Cardarine and SR9009 are very good for helping that, MK677 is very good for increasing growth hormone and speeding recovery. And so those can support pretty much support any cycle. With increased growth hormone, you're also going to experience additional fat loss. I've talked before how personally MK677, if I take it orally, makes me bloat really badly.


A lot of water retention, weight gain, and it's not a good look. I looked like a puffer fish, but what I found is that Ironmag Labs puts out a topical MK 677. It's called humonogen. And it works very well for me. I don't have the Bloating water retention look.


I don't look like a puffer fish. I increase my growth hormone levels and I know what that feels like because I've taken growth hormone, so I know what that feels like and it does seem to help very much. Now the other SARM S4 is becoming less popular, and I think that's a good thing because a lot of people had side effects with it affecting their vision. And so that's one I've personally not taken because of that. If you guys see I already wear glasses, I don't need my eye sight getting any worse.


S4 is kind of like the least powerful one. Ostarine is next. It's probably the most popular, SARM. It can be used across the board with pretty much any other product.


Generally guys are associating it with leaning out, although its main benefit comes from muscle and joint recovery. And so it works very well on either a bulking or a cutting cycle. When it comes to cutting, though, if you're in a calorie deficit, it's going to help you maintain muscle mass while you're in the calorie deficit. If you're adding muscle, it's great stack, especially with other products because it's helping to recover the muscle. And the other products would be adding strength, et cetera.


Next one will be RAD-140. So RAD-140 is my favorite and has been for a long time. It increases aggression, especially for me, and also strength. And so that one is very good in my opinion, for any cycle because who doesn't want to gain strength? The more weight you're pushing, the more muscle you can build.


The more you work to get to muscle failure, the more your muscles are being broken down and the faster they can be built bigger, right? So Rad 150 like I said, is basically an upgraded version of Rad 140 and I haven't experimented with that one long enough to make a really good decision on it. Although the short experiment I did do, it did seem to be better than Rad 140. Different type of aggression, good strength, increase, et cetera. So I'll play with that one a little bit more.


LG 4033 was extremely popular and for a very good reason. It adds a lot of muscle mass and most guys didn't experience any side effects on it. Now, LGD 4033 came off the market because the patent holder sent these letters to all the manufacturers of it, basically saying the only place people can buy LGD 4033 is through me, and so it pretty well disappeared from the market. There are still a couple of companies out there that sell it, like Sports Technology, and it is available through some places, although quality is hard to necessarily guarantee because of that patent issue. LGD 3303 is a variant of LGD 4033 and is more of a Drier version of it.


In my opinion, it could be the best one out there. Again, I haven't had a chance to run it for a very long time, but while I was taking it, I did notice a significant drying out hardening look, and I really liked it. I would compare it to winstrol as far as the effect goes in the mirror. The appearance of the effect on my body was very similar.


The next one I'm going to talk about would be AC 262. So, AC 262 is basically a super powered version of Ostarine, and I think that it has potential to become the best SARM available on the market because it works very well at helping a guy get that leaner, drier, harder appearance. At the same time increasing strength and increasing muscle recovery and boosting muscle mass.


So it kind of seems to be taking the cake across the board for best SARM for any and all cycles as either a stand alone or stacked with other types of products. So something like AC 262 and MK677 would be very good for either a bulk or cut. Again, going back to diet and how you are doing your workout routines, et cetera, I've talked about that in other videos. So AC 262 in my opinion, could probably outperform the rest. I'd personally like to run it side by side with LG 3303 and see what kind of results I could get.


My guess would be that if you're relatively low in body fat, you can get pretty shredded and vascular relatively quickly with pretty much no side effects. And so I need to do that experiment on myself still. I'll let you guys know how that goes. But that, to me, would be probably the ultimate stack.


MK677, Ac262 and LGD 3303. You can get all of those through Swiss Chems. I think PureRawz has all of them right now also.


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Let's see. I think I pretty well covered all the ones I want to talk about in this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please remember to subscribe, like comment, share. It helps out a ton of the algorithm, and I appreciate the support a lot.


Hope to see you guys in the next video, and take care.


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