Rat’s Army Review: Is It the Online Destination to Use for SARMs?

Rat’s Army Review: Is It the Online Destination to Use for SARMs?

When you want to enhance your athletic results, we can all agree that anabolic steroids use isn’t the best idea. Although they help people improve their muscle mass, they come with several health risks. 

If you’re a competitive athlete, using anabolic steroids could get you banned from your sport.

What if you could take something that helped with strength and muscle gain without the issues that steroids can cause? Some people believe that SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) could be the answer. They’re synthetic ligands that bind to a person’s androgen receptors, enhancing personal performance while facilitating recovery. [[1]]

Although they’re classified as “research chemicals” in some markets, SARMs are generally legal to buy. [[2]] When you need a reliable provider, Rat’s Army says that it can deliver what you need.

This review looks at the purchasing process, product availability and purity, how to pay, and everything else you need to know to make an informed decision.

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How to Place an Order on Rat’s Army

 The ordering process on the Rat’s Army website is relatively straightforward. You can scroll down on the home page to find the newest items available, including nootropics and peptides.

 Each item contains a box that says, “Select Options.” If you click on it, you’ll be taken to the product page, where you can select any variations that might exist. You must click on the dropdown menu to choose something, even if only one item is available.

 After you have the variation chosen, the website will notify you if the item is in stock. If it is, you can move the inventory number to the figure you want for your transaction. Click “Add to Cart” to send the items to your shopping cart.

 Once you’ve chosen everything you want to order, you can review the shopping cart for accuracy. If you have a coupon code, you can apply it on that screen. When you’re ready to proceed, choose the checkout button.

 You’ll be given an upsell pop-up page on the checkout details page. It’s up to you to determine if the offer has value.

 Rat’s Army needs your billing details, including name, address, and phone number. You can ship to a different location if you prefer, although it must be to a place where it is legal to send the products.

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What Is the Shelf Life of Rat’s Army Products?

If you purchase something on Rat’s Army, the shelf life can be up to 20 months. [[3]] Since every item has different properties to review, this figure should be considered variable.

 Some brands say that their products can last for 24 months and that refrigeration can keep them good for even longer.

 If they are older than that, the solutions are typically considered safe to use after the guaranteed time. The issue is that their effectiveness decreases during the aging process, leading to potentially unpredictable results.

 When you’re unsure how fast you’ll go through a particular item, it’s better to buy powders, caps, or tabs that can be kept in your freezer.

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Pricing for Rat’s Army Products

 The industry standard for SARM vials is a 30ml bottle. You’ll find a few sizing options across the Rat’s Army product lines, although the best deal comes from their Slyced line of lipotropic agents. You’ll receive a 60ml container with this option.

 When you start pricing out your preferred items at the per-milligram level, you’ll discover that Rat’s Army is competitive with most other companies. That’s even factoring in the purity preferences that they follow when accepting items.

 If you’re unsure of the item you want, each listing provides the ingredient facts so that you can review the product label before buying it. Using the Slyced brand as an example, the ingredient facts contact three substances (GW-501516, SR9009, and MK-2866) broken into their mg components per serving size.

 You’ll notice that each SARM listing has a disclaimer in the description, ensuring that the data is for informational and educational purposes only.

 To order visit: https://rats.army/ref/456/ and use promo code: DadBod2 for 20% OFF!

Items Other Than SARMs for Sale at Rat’s Army

 As with most SARMs providers, Rat’s Army has expanded its catalog to include some additional products over the years. One of the best options to consider is Nootropics.

 Nootropics are chemicals that meet specific criteria. They’re sometimes referred to as cognitive enhancers or “smart drugs.”

 Many of them, whether natural or synthetic, offer a stimulating effect on the body.

 You’d take SARMs for your physical component, while Nootropics are great for creativity, focus, memory, motivation, and learning.

 Many people take Nootropics daily without realizing it. Caffeine is the most widely consumed substance of its type in the world, found in everything from tea to kola nuts. [[4]]

 We consume it in soda, coffee, energy drinks, and even beef jerky.

 You feel less tired with caffeine because it blocks the adenosine receptors in your brain.

 Lipotropics is another exciting category to review when browsing through the Rat’s Army site. You can find everything from 5HTP to DMAA there, with each item affordably priced to ensure your needs get met.

 These compounds are typically a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help the body metabolize fat. For some people, they can promote the removal of fat from around the liver or discourage its continued production. [[5]]

 To order visit: https://rats.army/ref/456/ and use promo code: DadBod2 for 20% OFF!

Third-Party Testing: What Is the Process Followed by Rat’s Army

 The truth about the SARMs market is that third-party testing doesn’t happen often. That’s because of the industry’s status in different jurisdictions.

 Agencies don’t want to give the idea that they’re promoting their items for human consumption, which means they stay away from the time and cost that third-party testing requires.

 When a SARMs provider does offer independent testing and results, it’s often through a laboratory process. By testing the different substances without knowing what the items contain, a purity chart can get developed.

 What makes Rat’s Army such an intriguing option is that they take this investment a step further than most others. They work with an independent chromatographic testing provider to obtain a specific purity measurement.

 When the lab results come back, they only accept products that contain a 95% or higher purity level.

 You can also see examples of the testing results published on the website.

 If you want more information about the labs that Rat’s Army uses, the contact information is available online for direct follow-up independent of any contact through the business.

To order visit: https://rats.army/ref/456/ and use promo code: DadBod2 for 20% OFF! 

How Good Is the Rat’s Army User Experience?

 Rat’s Army uses a standard website layout to deliver the typical e-commerce experience you can find on most websites today.

 Although other companies have sliders or animation as part of the home page experience, Rat’s Army gets right down to business. You get information about their third-party testing, a review of the latest products, and access to the latest blog posts about the products offered.

 That means you don’t need to endlessly scroll through the first page to find the information you need.

 When you go to the Shop dropdown menu, the different categories are broken out for your review. This extra step might seem like a small touch, but it makes things much easier to find when looking for something specific.

 Each product gets tested quarterly to ensure it meets the quality standards outlined by Rat’s Army. You’ll see a report of the chromatographic purity analysis and the actual charts received by the company. If one isn’t posted, you can request it by email.

 To order visit: https://rats.army/ref/456/ and use promo code: DadBod2 for 20% OFF!

How to Pay for Orders at Rat’s Army

 You have three options available for payment when placing an order at Rat’s Army. You can choose Cash App, Zelle, or Coinbase.

 It gets a little confusing because the “How to Pay” page doesn’t include paying by credit card as an option, but this choice is available when you get to the checkout screen. After entering your billing and shipping details, click on the “Place Order” button to proceed with that payment option.

 Once you get the order confirmation, the credit card authorization form is at the bottom of the page. You’ll see it appear on your statement under a biotech name.

 You’ll need to send the money for your order to the website’s usernames to complete the transaction. If you don’t take that step, it might not get placed.

 Some people like to put the items they’re ordered for reference on the transaction when sending money. Rat’s Army says that they cancel any transaction automatically when this happens.

 If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, the only option available right now for that transaction is Coinbase. You’ll need to create a free account if you don’t have one already.

 You can load your account with whatever crypto you prefer, although Bitcoin is the most common one. After funding this profile, you can check out at Rat’s Army using the Coinbase option.

 This option is the easiest to use because it processes your order automatically. Since conversion rates can shift quickly and dramatically, some orders require a manual resolution to ensure the correct amount is given for what you want to purchase.

 If the payment takes more than a few hours to process, you’ll want to contact the company to ensure your order gets handled correctly.

 To order visit: https://rats.army/ref/456/ and use promo code: DadBod2 for 20% OFF!

Shipping and Return Policies of Rat’s Army

 At the time of completing this review, Rat’s Army is not shipping products to several countries. Those include Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, Morocco, and Spain. You’d need to work with one of their partners to get the products you want.

 When you place an order with Rat’s Arm, you’ll receive a tracking link with your email. They use an app called Shippo to produce the labels. These notifications sometimes slip into the spam folder, so you’ll want to find it and mark the message as safe to ensure you get the information updates about the transaction.

 Rat’s Army recommends waiting up to seven business days to have your order ship. If you have large or special needs when placing a transaction, another week could get added to the handling process.

 From there, it can be up to five business days for the package to travel to your address. That means it could be 3-4 weeks from the time of order placement to arrival at your home.

 Rat’s Army offers Priority mail with each order as an optional service. It’s an additional cost, but it can speed up the shipping process significantly.

 Free shipping is available for all orders above $99, using UPS Ground to ensure safe delivery.

 To order visit: https://rats.army/ref/456/ and use promo code: DadBod2 for 20% OFF!

What to Expect with Returns at Rat’s Army

 If you’re not satisfied with your order from Rat’s Army, the company says that it can process a potential return within 30 days of delivery. Color, odor, and flavor are not considered an acceptable reason for an exchange, refund, or return.

 Since the products sold by Rat’s Army can degrade, the company will not accept anything opened, damaged, or requiring special handling.

 If your order hasn’t been processed, it is often easier to change or cancel it instead of waiting for everything to arrive.

 Refunds are typically through the original payment method. If paying by cryptocurrency, the refund is in the initial payment amount or the current market value, whichever one is lesser.

 When you’re unsure of how to proceed if you need to do a return, it helps to click on the chatbox icon marked “Help.” If they aren’t online, you can send them a direct message to get your question answered.

To order visit: https://rats.army/ref/456/ and use promo code: DadBod2 for 20% OFF! 

A Final Thought About the Rat’s Army Experience

 As more interest in SARMs research occurs, numerous brands and companies are trying to get their foot in the door with this incredible opportunity.

 Although some parts of the website can lead to some user confusion, especially when paying by a credit card, the overall experience is streamlined and easy to use. You can get what you want and finish the checkout process in under two minutes.

 With several flavor options to consider on some items, you can fulfill your needs quickly and affordably. If you want to review the research potential of SARMs, Red’s Army knows how to deliver.


This content is intended for educational purposes only. This review does not recommend the human consumption of SARMs. Do not use online content as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have any questions about your health or what products to take, your doctor has the answers you need.


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