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Hey, guys, welcome back to Dadbod2.0. My name is Brian, and in this video I'm going to be talking about considerations for obese men prior to going into a PED cycle or starting PED usage period.


Working into this, obviously, I'm not condoning the use of any of the compounds I'm talking about. I'm simply giving you my experience using these compounds over the last four and a half, five years and how they've affected me and what I've learned through my own research, not just on usage of myself, but also through researching online articles, books, etc. And so moving into the video, as you guys know, about five years ago I was morbidly obese. I was huge, had no muscle mass, and I had gone from very fit while I was in the military to very sloppy with the traditional dad bod, maybe even fatter than average. Well, I know it's fatter than average for my height.


I was extremely fat. And so, having been there, I can relate to you guys the process that I went through and what I have learned, not just about PEDs, but about the surrounding topics that people usually tend to avoid, usually because they are less pleasant and less enjoyable. Starting out, I'm going to talk about the necessity that you should be getting labs done and going through a good TRT clinic. So the first step, if you're morbidly obese, this is my opinion, go see a doctor for everything, to verify what I'm saying, to get prescriptions, etc. If you're looking for the products that I've used, go to the link in the video description.


You get discount codes and everything. But number one thing would be to start with the TRT clinic, with a doctor who actually knows what they're doing and they professionally specialize in helping people get fit. Okay? There are tons of TRT clinics out there. I see comments and get emails all the time about guys saying, oh, you know what, my doctor prescribed me 200 milligrams of testosterone with one injection per month.


And it's like, okay. So that doctor, in my opinion, should be losing his license because he clearly doesn't understand hormones, hormone fluctuation, and how that affects your body short term and long term specially, so make sure your doctor is qualified and knows what they are talking about before you actually go with them for getting your prescriptions, because there is a good chance that you will run into a doctor or more that is going to actually screw you over in the long run by prescribing you stuff with the wrong dosage and the wrong rhythm, et cetera. This is very important for obese men because generally speaking, obese men have a low testosterone levels and a high estrogen levels.


Now, when you are obese, fat converts testosterone into estrogen. So the more body fat you are carrying, the more estrogen your body is going to be producing from the testosterone it is currently producing. So it's going to be lowering your testosterone and increasing your estrogen, which makes it a twofold problem because fat not only is turning your testosterone into estrogen, but the estrogen is increasing the rate of body fat growth. And so it's a compounding accelerating effort there where the estrogen is multiplying itself and the body fat that is creating it.


So get your estrogen levels in control, get your testosterone level up through your doctor, and then step number two is to dial in your diet. Now, here's a huge problem that I see in America. I hear people want to argue with me all the time and people say, I can't control that, I'm obese. I have no control over it. It's just the way that I am naturally.


There's nothing I can do about it. And I want to say that it's completely BS. There are very few people in the world who cannot lose body fat, there are very few. There are a lot of people who have a hard time losing body fat because of their diet, number one.


And number two, their metabolism or their endocrine system, so that can be remedied through exercise and possibly some medications. There are medications out there that a doctor can prescribe to you to increase your T3 and T4 levels, bring your metabolism up to where it's supposed to be, and then that will remedy the metabolism issues and help you to decrease body fat. Step number two with diet is very important because that is really the keystone to success in fitness across the board. It doesn't matter what your training program is or what PEDs you're taking, if your diet isn't dialed then you're not going to get the results that you're wanting to achieve, and you are going to be wasting your time and money, in my opinion.


And there are lots of people out there who will verify that, lots of articles you can read. I know there's going to be a ton of people in the comments willing to argue with me over this and tell me how I'm just a stuck up POS because they are morally obese and they're too lazy to take accountability for themselves and get off the sofa. So if you're one of those people that's too lazy to take accountability for yourself, just go ahead and go somewhere else and have some YouTuber tell you to go get some more cream puffs. You'll get a six pack, okay? It's not going to happen until you take accountability for yourself.


You must do that, okay? Take accountability for yourself. Stop putting crap in your mouth and start eating healthy. And you have to be consistent for a long period of time. Cut out the cheat days where you're pounding a gallon of soda.


Stop eating the crispy creams. Clean up your diet. Cut out the cold cereal, the processed carbohydrates, like cold cereal, soda, potato chips, things like that are incredibly bad for you, cut those out now! Get your gut healthy. Maybe take some probiotics so you can start cleaning up your gut bacteria and getting them back to the healthy culture that they need to be to be properly digesting.


The fruits and vegetables and organic meats that you need to be eating to get fit, to get lean and to build muscle. So step number two is critically important. Get your diet cleaned up for a long period of time. Make sure you're eating your five, six, eight meals a day that are very healthy and well proportioned.


Get your protein and fat from high quality sources. Get your carbohydrates from a high quality source. My opinion as of late is that fruit is an exceptionally good source of carbohydrates. I know a lot of people want to argue that point. A lot of people say you got to cut fruit out to get lean.


My opinion on that is now actually increasing fruit and possibly decreasing vegetables is actually more beneficial for losing body fat than the other alternatives over a long period of time. Taking accountability for yourself every single day, moment by moment. Stop putting crap in your mouth. Start putting healthy stuff in there. You got your hormone levels back in check, and then you start working out, you really should have been working on this entire time.


You need to really focus on your workout routine. For me, it's all about doing the weight routine first, followed by cardio. And for me, the most effective form of cardio is, like I said, post weight routine. I do muscle failure workouts in the gym with weights five to six days a week at least. And then I follow that up with cardio maybe three or four times a week.


That is on cardio equipment at the gym. There are a lot of days of the week where I'll go for a hike or something like that as an alternative form of cardio. But specifically in the gym. Three or four days a week. I'll get on the treadmill.


I warm up for about five to ten minutes just walking. And then I'll start doing sprints hard as I can possibly go until I feel like I'm going to pass out. And then I go right back to walking. As soon as my heart rate drops below 120, I do another sprint as hard as I can possibly go. So I feel like I'm going to pass out, drop back down to walking until my heart rate is below 120, and then sprint again.


I'll do that for four or five sprints, and that's all I do for cardio. When I do that consistently, I lean out very quickly. So to me, that is the best form of cardio. It's going to increase metabolic rate.


There are a lot of people who want to argue with the facts behind hiit routines. To me, it is the most effective way of cutting fat quickly and getting your cardiovascular system in good shape. It's just there's a lot of research behind it. And for me, I've tried everything and that seems to work the best. So maybe try something different.


I've heard some people say that the stair stepper works really good if you do the same kind of thing. You start out walking and you just increase the rate so you feel like you're going to pass out and then call it good. So you could try the stair stepper. That's also a great machine. But that is secondary to diet.


The weight routine and cardio is secondary to diet. The diet has to be dialed in. The diet has to be dialed in for the PEDs to work. Testosterone, the TRT, estrogen blockers, all that stuff is cool, but it's a waste of money if your diet isn't dialed in. Same thing with the gym.


You're probably going to be wasting a lot of your time if your diet isn't dialed in. If you're still eating like crap, you're still going to be possibly losing muscle and gaining fat. Even if you're working out hard, the gym will not make up for the diet. The PEDs will not make up for a bad diet. Okay?


So you got to have those dialed in. Now, moving forward, after you've been able to keep this routine for let's say, 18 to 24 months, where you have your hormones correctly balanced, you have your diet dialed in consistently and have had it dialed in consistently for 18 to 24 months. Then you could look into alternative sources of PEDs with your doctor preferably, okay? Some of the stuff they might look at would be peptides for increasing growth hormone. They might look at even something like MK 677.


I've seen some clinics prescribing that. I don't know that they're supposed to, but some of them are for increasing growth hormone. There are other PEDs out there that you might buy as a supplement. Something like pro hormone 7-keto is good for cutting fat. You can find that on biomusclelabs.com


It's the highest dose available on the market. That's good if you already have a low body fat percentage and helping you get an even leaner look, something like Epi Andro stacks really well with that for giving you that hard, dry, lean look. The Epi Andro converts to DHT. If you're prone to hair loss, it's probably going to increase hair loss, because it's DHT.


Things like that can help you down the road. After you build the solid foundation, you are losing body fat consistently. You've got your diet and hormones, everything in check, right? Those are supplemental down the road after you establish that good, strong foundation, okay? Other things you could look at would possibly be sarms, and I'm not conducting their use, but I know a lot of guys are going to use them.


I'm just saying this, talk to your doctor about it. Some doctors will even prescribe SARMs. AC 262 is very good at helping guys lean out. It even temporarily increases testosterone level and it does help with muscle gaining. It's like Ostarine on steroids.


But I'm not condoning its use. I'm just saying that it is something that is out there that has been prescribed in the past. Talk to your doctor about it. See what they have to say. Some doctors also prescribe stuff like an anavar or deca to their patients.


I know a couple of guys who are on anavar through their Dr, I know some guys who are on deca through their doctor. Deca is prescribed usually for joint pain. Anavar is usually for guys who are wanting to get more fit and they are already fairly lean. Once again, if you're not already fairly lean, most of the PEDs that are out there to help you build muscle are going to be relatively ineffective at giving you a visual change until body fat is low enough where you can see the muscles growing and the definition coming in.


Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please subscribe like comment and share. Hope to see you guys in the next video. Take care.


All of the sources I use, Trust and Recommend can be found here: https://solo.to/dadbod2fit

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