How to Build 20lbs of muscle in a week!

Hey, guys, welcome back, in this article I'm going to talk about what people do not understand about gaining 20lbs of muscle in one week. This article has been transcribed from this video:


So I think everybody pretty well knows that you're not going to put on 20lbs of true, hard, pure, solid aged muscle within a week, right? So what really is the hype behind this? A while back, I did a video with Tony Huge and we talked about doing the mass blast. And if you guys follow Tony Huge, you know that he does these on a pretty routine basis. Usually he's doing them with several other guys and they are pretty massive cycles.


They're taking a huge number of compounds, usually to include something like insulin and IGF-1 are the primary ones I want to talk about. Now, the reason for all the anabolics and stuff behind that is so that you can get as much anabolic activity as possible within the body while you're doing these massive workouts and you need to be eating a huge number of calories. You're using insulin and you're using IGF-1 to create hyperplasia. So basically what that is, is you're dividing the muscle cells and creating new ones.


You're creating new muscle cells within the body so that your body going forward has more muscle cells on it and therefore it's easier to maintain size. That's basically the easiest way to explain this. And I know if you guys go to the comments, there's going to be a ton of people in the comments who know more about this stuff than me. So you should probably just end the video now and go read the comments because I'm going to get corrected and everything I'm saying this video is wrong from this point going forward, and probably everything is made up to this point. So go read the comments and you get the rest of the education you need there. (sarcasm)


So why is it so controversial to gain the 20lbs in a week? Well, see, I think the misunderstanding here is that people think Tony Huge is claiming that you're going to gain 20lbs of muscle in a week and maintain that. And that's kind of the misunderstanding.


And I think that he needs to re-label that a little bit and clarify a little bit because people aren't getting the point. The point is exactly what I just said. So you're creating as much anabolic activity as possible while using growth hormone and IGF-1. You're expanding the muscle cells as much as possible during this short period of time. You're giving your body all the nutrients and antibiotic hormones that it needs to build and rebuild and heal that muscle as fast as possible while it's adding on new muscle cells and you're building those as well.


So, yes, you can gain 20lbs in a week, and yes, you're going to have a ton of new muscle cells, but it's probably not going to be sustainable because most of that is probably going to be water retention, glycogen retention within the muscle cells, et cetera, right? So it's not true muscle growth until you have maintained it long enough after the cycle to solidify into mature muscle. Now, the benefit I'm getting to in a minute, I'll talk about how extremely dangerous it is, obviously, but the benefit is, like I said, going forward, you have that many more muscle cells to work with and to develop going forward. So over the months and years following a mass blast, you're now able to go with almost nothing as far as PEDs go and you're still going to be able to build more muscle than you would had you not done a mass blast.


Now, obviously a mass blast is very, very risky. It's very expensive and it's dangerous and it's hard on your body, I'm not recommending that. Tony is very experienced here. Go watch him, he'll explain how to do it, maybe, and you guys can get that information and those details from him.


But I did want to clarify the point that, yes, you're gaining 20lbs in a week and yes, you're gaining new muscle cells. It's not true hard muscle, but going forward, the retention of muscle is going to be much easier since you have that many more cells in your body that you can then grow and expand and fill with glycogen and water and eventually turn into muscle. So I think the idea that people are attacking Tony for saying you can gain 20lbs of muscle in a week is a combination of misunderstanding and maybe some mis-education on the topic, because he's saying, yes, you can gain 20lbs of muscle in a week. But that's assuming that you're going to maintain working out and maintain some kind of anabolic activity within your body going forward. And the real power is in developing those additional muscle cells in that short period of time while you're, relatively speaking, putting as little strain on the body as possible to add that many muscle cells in that short period of time.


Now, my thought on this whole thing is that it would be much easier to use the slow process where you have specific days of the week where you are working on certain body parts. Let's say for me, my weak spots are my arms and my shoulders and my calves. So on those days I could do a workout, let's say, where I hit all of those muscles on one day of the week and the day before and the day of, possibly the day after. I could do a combination of products, let's say MK677 with some IGF-1, and then maybe some SARMs underneath, like YK-11 on top of my TRT and maybe a few other things thrown in there. And then on those specific days when I have that spike in hormonal activity, I have the spike in IGF and growth hormone, then I'm hitting those muscles like twice a day as hard as I possibly can, and I'm eating as much as I possibly can of clean, healthy food, clean sources of protein; then in theory it could be possible to accumulate new muscle tissue in just those weak areas. Its not something I have tried but plan to do.


I'm talking like uncooked sushi, vegan protein shakes. I use the huel protein shakes/ whey protein, stuff like that, that is a whole food, very healthy type foods during those days. Lots of eggs, lean meats etc, where you're putting the optimal nutrients into your body. You've got everything primed for building muscle and multiplying muscle cells.


And then going forward, you can maintain that over a longer period of time. And once again, that's not necessarily healthy to do. I don't recommend anybody doing it, but theoretically, it's an excellent way to add additional muscle cells where you're not having to worry about keeping yourself looking full all the time. And I talked about this in another video. If I leave the gym for like two or three weeks, I look like I've lost almost all my muscle mass, right?


And that's simply because I've lost the glycogen stores within the muscles. The muscles are looking deflated and you start looking like crap. But if you have more muscle cells, that's not going to happen as fast. So that's the theory that goes in behind it.


It also plays going forward where if you're doing additional cycles to expand the muscle cells, you're becoming anabolic. You're filling the muscles with glycogen and all this other stuff and revitalizing the muscle and building new muscle. When you have those additional cells in there, you're going to get much bigger muscles than if you didn't have those additional new muscle cells in there. So going forward, it makes it a lot easier to grow additional size. So that's kind of my thought.


I do plan to do some experimentation here in the near future with IGF-1, I do have MK 677 and all the other products I mentioned, which I don't recommend you get or use or anything else. Please check with your local, state and federal laws, make sure you're not doing anything illegal. SARMs are not meant for human use, so please don't use them all. That being said, I do plan to do some of these tests on myself and I'll give you guys feedback on it.


I do have some weak points that I want to develop a little bit better and so I'm going to be doing this very carefully and I will probably do another video with Tony Huge some time in the near future, talking about what I plan to do, how I'm going to do it, and all that good stuff. So please like this video, please subscribe, share, comment, whatever. It helps a ton when you guys like these videos and subscribe, I appreciate it a ton. I appreciate the support throughout this channel and you guys have been great. Go check out BioMuscle Labs and, I created the entire product line. Thank you for reading. Take care!

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