Cutting vs. Bulking PEDs. What you NEED to Know!

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Hey, guys. Welcome back. In today's video, I'm going to be talking about cutting and bulking SARMs and prohormones. Now, I'm not condoning the use of either substance or either category of substances. This is just information based on my own usage. And it's just information for your entertainment and does not substitute for your own research purposes, I'm not condoning their use. So please don't be using anything that's illegal or not approved by the FDA. Generally speaking, cutting and bulking go into two categories, you have your cut and you have your bulk. And generally speaking, the compounds vary depending on if you're cutting or if you're bulking, because generally speaking, those two terms refer to the usage of anabolic steroids, and the reason that applies to anabolic steroid use is because you have wet hormones and dry hormones like, testosterone would tend to be more of a wet hormone, whereas the winstrol would be a dry hormone. DHT is a dryer steroid in the body, and so it would be a dryer result, whereas testosterone would be a wetter result. Test would be a wetter result because it's raising estrogen levels to some extent through conversion.


There's some conversion there, it raises your estrogen levels and gives you the wet look because of heightened estrogen levels. Now, when we're talking about SARMs, you don't get the heightened estrogen level like you would with a steroid because it's not converting. SARMs are non hormonal, and it's something that's very important to use in the definition between cutting and bulking with the two groups of compounds here, steroids and SARMs. Prohormones also fall into the category of steroids because they are hormones. SARMs are non hormonal. They're selective androgen receptor modulators. They are not hormones.




So when we talk about cutting and bulking with SARMs I'm going to make a point here that I know a lot of people are just going to blow up and lose their minds over, and that is that neither of them are better for cutting or bulking than they would be for the other. For example, you could use any SARM for a cut or a bulk with equal effectiveness depending on your diet because it's not directly affecting hormones (with the exception of testosterone suppression). So your results can be basically as dry looking regardless of whether your cutting or bulking, and the only difference would be your diet.


So that's my opinion on SARMs. I know everybody's just going to lose their mind over that, but that is my opinion based on my own result and what I'm seeing with other people. Now, there are SARMs that give a drier look than others, but it's not related to the actual estrogen level or necessarily water retention that would come with the estrogen, giving that softer bulk look, it's because some of them activate androgen receptors slightly differently than others. Some of them suppress testosterone level more than others. There are a lot of variables that go into there, but they're not converting into estrogen, which is a primary thing that I see guys using as a definitive reason between using something as a cutter or a bulker which tends to be estrogenic. Cutters would tend to be like a DHT, and something like testosterone kind of sits in the middle as a baseline for everything across the board. So that's kind of the standard definition between cutting and bulking. Like I said, I don't think SARMs really fall into cutting or bulking because they are non hormonal. That's just my opinion. Now, that being said, if you're going to be bulking, you might be better off using something like LGD 4033.


I'm not condoning the use of this product, I'm just speculating. LGD4033 tends to get a wetter look, but it's not increasing the estrogen level. That's just the appearance that it gives. So that might be a bulker, whereas something like Ostarine or AC 262 would be considered a cutter because it has kind of a dryer look. So those could be considered cutting and then something like LGD4033 would be a bulker, there is a difference there on a very minute basis, but they're still acting as selective androgen receptor modulators. You're activating the androgen receptor in the muscle and either maintaining it or building it, but you're not influencing the hormones like you would with anabolic steroids or pro hormones. Now, when it comes to prohormones, they fall in the same category as anabolic steroids. So something like one DHEA would be more effective at giving you that dry look. A 4 DHEA or 1-Andro versus 4-Andro. Now combine the two together and you have something that's much more similar to an actual testosterone. Like a testosterone and Enanthate as far as the results it's going to get, and I've done several videos on this, it's dose dependent.


Most companies out there are selling such low doses that you guys are not seeing the results that you should be seeing off these products. There are very popular companies out there I'm not going to name who are selling products that are so low dose you'd have to go through about ten bottles of their product to equal one cycle and the cost would be astronomical.




They just so happen to be the reason why I can't sell pro hormones because they have a patent on them and apparently it's better to pay their price at ten times what it would cost for my product anyway. So that's another bone to pick some other time. So if you were to combine 1-Andro, 4-Andro, and 5-Andro (5 DHEA), that would give you a very well rounded portfolio of a testosterone base, because the 1-Andro and 5-Andro in there it is going to be a drier testosterone than the 4-Andro alone. And then you add in the 5 DHEA or R-Andro, and that converts to DHT. So you get the full portfolio of hormone synthesis that you would off of an injectable testosterone. I've proven this on labs before. I'm not going to get into it right now. But in my opinion, you can use those products at the right ratio, (and I've done a video on this) and get higher testosterone levels than you would get with a TRT dose of injectable testosterone and even a higher level than most guys would run on a cycle of actual gear.




So when it comes to pro hormones, you could say your dryer pro hormones are actually a thing for cutting. So you'd have in that category, 1-Andro, R-Andro and Epi-Andro would be the primary ones that are dry cutting type pro hormones. Then your bulkers, you want to do something like the 4-Andro would typically be the base at a higher dosage, and that would be your wet compound in the pro hormones. And there are a lot of other pro hormones out there I'm not getting into right now, but most of the ones that are legal right now tend to be more of a dry pro hormone. And the reason I'm focusing on 4-Andro, is because it's the most powerful and most popular, most easy to get, and it does tend to be a wet. It also converts, like I said, to testosterone. So it's very good for a bulking cycle, but it's also very good on a cutting cycle to make sure your testosterone levels are maximized. Okay, now back to SARMs. There is one exception to the bulk and cutting aspect of things that I didn't include, because MK 677 is not a SARM.


Now, most of the time, guys call it a SARM. It's not actually a SARM. MK 677, depending on how your body reacts, can be more of a bulker than a cutter. Like for myself, if I'm using oral MK 677, I get a very puffy, wet look. I'll gain about 8lbs in the first week, and it's just a miserable experience. Well, recently I started using the Iron Man Labs topical MK677. And I noticed with the topical version of MK 677, I'm not getting the bloating, I'm not getting the water retention, I'm not getting the weight gain. I feel great, I'm sleeping better. So depending on how you're taking the product and how your body responds to it, MK 677 could be used either on a bulking or cutting cycle. Or if your body is reacting like mine does to an oral version, it would be a bulker, right? You wouldn't want to do that when you're trying to cut because you're just going to blow up like a puffer fish and you're going to lose any definition that you had in the first place.


So there you guys go. I hope that helps a little bit. Clarifying the difference between bulking and cutting compounds. I will do separate videos talking about which SARMs are best for cutting, which SARMs are best for bulking cycles, same thing with pro hormones I will be talking about that and once again, I'm not condoning the use of these products. This is just simply information that I'm passing on based on my experience using these products in my own research on these products. Hopefully moving forward, we see the medical community coming out with more and more research on these products as far as the performance enhancements aspect goes, but I highly doubt that that's going to happen because there's not huge money to make like there is off of prescribing somebody insulin or something, right? So the chances are this is going to get put on the back burner for the rest of history because the pharmaceutical industry isn't going to make billions of dollars on selling somebody for hormones or SARMs. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Please subscribe like comment and share. It helps out a ton with the algorithm and I really appreciate the support.


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