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Chemyo has long been regarded as one of the top sources for SARMs and some peptides. So I'm going to be going over the company, talking about my experience with them, their products and their quality testing process. I have their home page up in front of me and it says right here they have third party tested products, free shipping on orders, over $100 in the US, and 275 international.

Their bottles are 50mls a piece, which is more than most companies out there offering. They have an interesting little video here on their page that shows the breakdown of their testing process.

“You need high quality solutions for your research needs. How do you know you can trust the quality of Chemyo products? Here's how it begins at our professional contract clean manufacturing facility. From there, our compounds are sent for independent, third-party testing at a third party lab to ensure their identification and purity. If the compound gets a positive result, manufacturing begins. Every solution is inspected, batch coded, and induction sealed. But that's not where our quality control procedure ends. Our solutions are sent directly to our third party logistics, who send them to the third party lab again, this time for potency testing. If the solutions match label criteria, we sell them to you, our customer. You see, a supply chainlike this guarantees our quality. And if you need any more proof of Chemo’s quality, just have a look at our full raw third-party testing data. Not just a COA, better quality research for all.”

So as you guys can see, they put quite a bit of effort into testing their products. They can assure high quality and products for you guys. You go down to their quality control questions and you can go through those. It talks about everything that goes into quality control and their process for doing it and ensuring it. You can go over here to contact and there's contact form there. They also have their mailing address if you want to mail them something, and a chat button if you have any specific questions for them. Again, their phone number is down here, their emails down here at the bottom along with their mailing address. And then if we go over here at home or we could go to shop also you can see what they have to offer. So again, third party tested, free shipping on specific order quantities, 50 mil bottles. These are all liquid forms. So no, these are not injectables. These would be or else you draw them up with a syringe to measure it out and then you would mix it into something like grapefruit juice to take. And SARMs again, are not for human consumption. I'm not condoning their use, but this is one of the top sources Guys are using to purchase sarms for their research purposes. And again, I'm not condoning human use. These are not approved for human consumption. You guys can see the price-point seems to be fairly high. You look at something like the Cardarine here, for example, there's ten milligrams per mil, 50 mils in a bottle. That means 50 doses at ten milligrams, right? A lot of guys are doing 20 or 30 milligrams. So do the math, It's kind of a higher price point for the volume of actual SARM in the solution. That being said, they probably have the most strict protocol for testing and re-testing their SARMs over any other company. And that's why for many years they've been considered the gold standard of SARM quality and SARM production. Like I said, they're extremely tight with their review process before a customer is able to purchase it. So you can see they have pretty much all the popular ones here. They have Ostarine, Rad 140, Cardarine, MK 677, S23, YK11. They also have Ru 5841, which is to prevent hair loss. It blocks the DHT receptor in the hair follicle, and it's supposed to help guys prevent or even reverse balding due to DHT levels. They also have their KMV solution. If you go down here to the bottom, they have their powders, they have all the different SARMs. They also have some Nootropics and other things in there that you guys could buy as powder form. And then if you want to reconstitute it, they have their PEG solution and their KMV solution. You can also get their mini stacks. So two different SARMs, two bottles. And so that's kind of a ministack already built for you. If you wanted to do something basic like Rad 140 and Cardarine, for example, you could buy like two or three of these and you'd have plenty to run a full cycle. Once again, these are not approved for human use, but I just want to show you guys what their website looks like and to kind of give you my opinion on them, because I've used them for so many years. To me, they've always been the gold standard for SARMs. I know that every time I order, I'm going to get exactly the same results every single time. And compared to other companies, there are variances in the potency of different products. A lot of companies have that issue just because they don't go through the quality control process to this extent. All of the companies that I recommend at least do the first phase of testing. They test the raw powders as they're coming into the facility before they manufacture the product. But a lot of companies skip the final step that Chemyo does, where they send the manufactured product back to the research facility to get tested again. Down here, they have options. FAQs. If they offer insurance, you need to cancel your order.

How long does it take to get an order? My experience has always been very fast shipping .I usually get it in about four days, which is incredibly fast for the industry. Let me see. Let's go over here. They have more frequently asked questions. You guys can scroll through different payment shipping type things, so they have all the information you guys need here to do some research before feeling comfortable with ordering their products. And like I said, they have a good selection, the highest quality in the industry, and my experience with them has always been exceptionally good. Lately, they've had a few reviews online that are less than positive. My opinion is that the people leaving those reviews are generally trying to sell you a different brand. That being said, I do think that the Chemyo is and always has been the highest quality that you can get. And I think that those negative reviews are often times people trying to redirect sales to a different brand. That's just my opinion on them. That could be wrong. Once again, people are taking these things they're not supposed to be taking SARMs, right? And some people will have a negative side effect to a specific SARM. And so instead of taking accountability for taking something they're not supposed to, they blame the company when they're selling the same thing to everybody. So if you guys used to use SARMs and you get the results that are in align with that particular SARM, once again, they're not approved for human use in the first place. But you can kind of expect to see some kind of side effect depending on which arm you're getting. So keep that in mind. Cost comparison. Like I said, they seem to be a little bit high, but you have the quality in there that makes up for that. So one more thing before I let you guys go. As you guys know, I have this landing page. Go to  and I have my landing page here. This has all the companies that I use, all the companies that I recommend to my friends, and these are all high-quality sources of products. Each of these companies has a discount code. I put the discount codes into each of these companies. So if Chemyo for example, doesn't have something that you're wanting, you can go check out one of these other companies. And between all the companies that I have available on here, you can get pretty much anything. The one company that does have injectables is unchained down here, they have a good variety of injectables. Most of the rest of these companies don't have injectables right now. Swiss Chems had them for a long time, and they don't have them available on the website right now. Pure Rawz and Behemoth labz both had them. I haven't checked recently, but at one point they did both have injectable SARMs on their websites. So keep that in mind. If you guys are looking for a good source you can always come to this landing page. Once again, that's and you get your discount codes and all the good quality companies down there at the bottom. Thank you guys for watching. I'll see you in the next video. Take care.

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