Bodybuilders Use These 3 Types of Cycles (And They're Not Recommended!)

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Today I’m going to be talking about the three types of cycling guys are doing with SARMs, steroids and pro hormones to build muscle. I'm going to go over each type of cycle, the pros and cons to each one of those. And I'm going to be discussing which I think are the best options. Before we get into that, please subscribe and like this video, it helps out a ton with the algorithm and I really appreciate the support. It's been a pain trying to grow this channel and I have appreciated you guys' support a lot. Thank you very much.


The three types of cycling are these. First you have the classic blast. This is the most well known form of cycling. Steroids, pro, hormones, SARMs etc throughout the bodybuilding community this is the most popular. This is what most guys advocate for. It also has the most side effects and needs the best Pct post cycle therapy. So a blast is basically when you're going for somewhere like eight to 16 weeks, depending on the compound. You're running very high dosages of it and you're stacking multiple compounds on top of each other, usually testosterone base with something, two or three other products on top.


Often guys will do like two or three injectables with an oral throughout the cycle. They might alternate the types of oral, they might alternate the types of injectable, depending on what they're using. And like I said, they run this for eight to 16 weeks, generally speaking. And once again, you need a very strong Pct afterwards because your natural testosterone production is going to be shut down completely. The second option is the long and low, or cruise, as some guys call it. So this type of cycling is more like a lifestyle type way of using these types of drugs in your everyday life throughout the year, sometimes year round for years on end. So this is more common with guys who are on, let's say, TRT, right? You kind of say that's a cruising cycle kind of thing. And every once in a while they'll throw in an oral or a SARM or something on top of that at a moderate dosage, and they run that for a longer period of time, maybe more than 16 weeks, maybe six months. Maybe they're running MK on top of their TRT. Maybe they're running a low dose of anavar on top of it.


Maybe they're running something else along those lines, Ostarine, AC-262, whatever, and it's over a long period of time for months on end, at a lower dose. The pros of that is that it has a little bit less strain on your organs on any given day. The downfall is that you're putting strain on your organs over a longer period of time consistently. Okay, I'm going to go over this a little bit more here, later on, then. Last, you have the intermittent type of cycling. So intermittent cycling takes several forms. You have guys that are taking products on a sporadic basis, before, during, and after a specific workout, or only on the day of a specific workout. Maybe they take the product three days of the week and then take four days off, whether it might take it one on, two off, something like that. So it's a very intermittent, they're only using these products. It's kind of like a pre workout to get an additional pump and to help recovery of a specific muscle group. Okay, so this is becoming a more popular way of doing these type of performance enhancing drugs. Once again, I'm not condoning the use of anything illegal.


Please check your local, state, and government federal laws to make sure you're not doing anything illegal. I'm just going over the three types that are pretty common. So the benefit of that is that you're not running something constantly so your body has time to recover. Now to kind of break all this down and make a little more sense out of all of it, let's compare it to getting drunk.


So if we're doing a blast, it's kind of like going out and getting smashed every night for eight to 16 weeks. It's pretty hard on your system. You're going to have some issues at the end of that, right? Especially with like liver, for example, when we're talking about alcohol, or if you're running orals, same thing, your liver is going to have a really hard time at the end of that 16 weeks recovering, especially if they are alpha-alkylated.


A cruise with an oral would be like the guy who gets drunk every day. He's not getting totally smashed, but he's still getting drunk every day, right, for six months out of the year. At the end of the six months, he will have some substantial strain on his system and he's going to have seen some good results if he's using these products right. Probably not as good as a blast, but probably more sustainable results in the long run.


Now intermittent is kind of like the college kid type of running stuff. So think of this as going out and getting smashed every Friday night and then you spend the rest of the week recovering. It's a little more sustainable for years on end. Still not healthy, but you're not doing as much damage to the system over a long period of time. Now, when it comes to using performance enhancing drugs, you're also not going to see the muscle building results over that long period of time that you would with, let's say a blast and cruise, but you're putting less stress on your organs.


Now, my take on all of this is that everybody reacts differently. You need to be doing things like labs, monitoring your blood hormone levels of everything relevant, and monitoring your health overall, right? I'm not a doctor. Please go consult a doctor. So my opinion is that everybody reacts differently. The best way to monitor that is with labs and then know how your body responds. Now, for me, something like intermittent makes the most sense.


I'm not trying to go compete in a bodybuilding competition this next year, at least not at this point in time, right. So I don't need to worry about blasting a massive cycle and putting on a bunch of size and then cutting.


I don't really want to do the higher dose cruise because I'm worried about my health long term down the road. Right. I want to live to be 50, 60, 70 years old and still be active and everything else. My grandpa was still active until he was 70, and I'd like to be able to do at least the same thing. He was rock climbing in his mid 60s like it was nothing. Okay, so if you're able to do something where you can still function throughout the rest of your life with very minimal health concerns, that to me is the best option. So that's why I would tend to stick with intermittent. That being said, it also works well for me because there are certain body parts that I want to develop more than others. So if I take something for, let's say, two or three days while I'm focusing on a specific muscle group, I can get that muscle to recover faster and work it out more often and put more side in that specific muscle than the rest of the muscles on my body, even though I'm hitting everything every week. Right. I focus more on one muscle group than the others, and it's kind of like fixing specific weak spots in your body by doing the cycles this kind of way, like I said it again, is doing less stress of the body over a long period of time, but it's not right for everybody.


If you're somebody looking to put on 40lbs of muscle in the next 3 years, that probably isn't the best bet for you. But once again, you need to see your doctor, consult with your TRT clinic and get your labs done, see how your body's responding, make sure you're running the support cycle, the support supplements, the PCTs, all that kind of stuff. So for me personally, an intermittent program works better. I tend to do little blasts every once in a while, like three weeks, I'll take something in a pretty high dosage, and then I kind of cruise on my TRT and throw something in every once in a while on a preworkout day or the day before and the day of a workout. I'm wanting to focus specifically on a certain muscle group. All right, so those are the three types of cycling. You got blast and you got a cruise or Blast and cruise, as they sometimes call it, which is similar to what's kind of a combo of the Blast and the cruise. So it's a combo, really. So you got blast, then Cruise, then you have intermittent.


And those are the three types of cycling that are most common in the bodybuilding world. Once again, I'm not conducting the use of anything illegal. Please go check with your doctor, make sure everything is run through him, and prescription for everything. Thank you guys for the support in this channel. Please like subscribe and share this video. I'll see you in the next one. Take care

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