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This article is transcribed from the video here: In this article I'm going to be talking about the basic beginner stack of SARMs or sarm-like products for somebody who is just starting out with using them. I am NOT guiding people on how to use these products or recommending them for human consumption.

This video is based off of what's generally being discussed online in forums that you can go find by googling these questions. It's very common to find these kind of forms on Reddit, for example, where they discuss this kind of stuff. And so this is not me trying to encourage, direct, or entice anybody into using these products. You shouldn't. They are not approved by the FDA. I don't recommend you using them, especially if you don't have permission or supervision from your doctor. Obviously, I get asked all the time, who do I use and trust for buying my products? And if you guys go to the link in the video description, you can find all the companies I use, trust and recommend in there. They are discount codes for each of those companies. So you guys can save a significant amount of money on your next purchase if that's something you are wanting to buy.

All right, so the most common stack being discussed online right now for somebody just starting out with these type of products would be a combination of Ostarine cardarine. Usually these people are looking to do something along the lines of lean out and add a little bit of muscle. Cardarine is often called a fat burning SARM. It's not actually a SARM and doesn't actually burn fat. It can help your body metabolize fat slightly. But the benefit from cardarine comes from its enhancement of cardio output. For example, personally, when I take cardarine at, let's say, 30 milligrams a day, I can double or even triple the amount of cardio output that I have on the treadmill. So, for example, if I'm doing Sprints for 20 minutes without cardarine the next day, I could do it for an hour with cardarine and feel like I'm just perfectly fine and normal and not out of breath. It's really an amazing compound. Please don't use it without talking to your doctor first. So that's the benefit of Cardarine, enhanced cardio output. Increased cardio output for a longer duration of time. Works really good before sex too.

Ostarine is thrown in there that's another one that often is called a fat burning sarm, Ostarine is a SARM, but again, it's not a fat burner. The power of ostarine comes in when you're in a calorie deficit and its ability to maintain muscle. That's the primary key to a lot of products like this that are in performance enhancement where people are trying to burn fat. It's not in the product's ability to build muscle, it's in the product's ability to maintain muscle while somebody's in a calorie deficit.

Everyone wants to go out there and burn fat without being in a calorie deficit and without doing cardio. But you can't do that. You have to be in a calorie deficit and you have to be doing something to burn the fat off. If you're in a calorie deficit and you're not working out, you're probably going to go catabolic and start burning muscle at the same or even a greater rate than you are burning fat. If your body is not using the muscle, it's going to burn it off. It's more maintenance for your body to maintain the muscle than to maintain the fat. So in order to lose fat effectively, you have to be in a calorie deficit and you have to be working out. And that's when something like ostarine comes into play. Because it maintains muscle while in a calorie deficit, it's going to help you maintain your strength with the carb deficit.

And again, I'm not suggesting people to use this. I'm just saying this is what's being used in the world out there. So neither ostarine or cardarine are really suppressive. Ostarine can be slightly and again, this is very dependent on the user. Some guys can run the extremely suppressive compounds out there and not have any issues. Other guys just look at something like ostarine and their testosterone levels crash. Again, this often goes back to the source they buy from and the tendency of low quality companies spiking their products with stuff that’s not on the label. That is why it is very important to buy from a legitimate source like the ones here.

We still don't understand the science behind individual response totally because once again, we're still lacking a lot of research behind these products and it probably isn't going to happen. That's a topic for another video. But with a lot of things like SARMs or peptides, there can't necessarily be a patent issue with the medical industry or like a pharmacy or research center that comes up with this product because it's often naturally occurring, especially with peptides, a big issue we're seeing is people can't get a patent on the peptide. Therefore nobody in the medical industry wants to pursue researching it because they can't profit from somebody else using that research to create a good product.

Ostarine generally speaking, isn't suppressive enough to worry about. However, most everybody, for safety sake, is using some kind of testosterone base. So if you're not on TRT, something like 4-Andro could work relatively well. Granted that you have to have a dose high enough, somewhere in the 150 to 200 mg per day range, usually will get your testosterone level well above where it would naturally be, assuming you're getting your 4-Andro from a reliable source. There are a lot of companies out there selling it at a very low dose at a very high price, and it's kind of ripping people off and giving people a bad impression on its potency. But I can attest and I have blood work to prove it. That 4-Andro is extremely powerful at converting to testosterone. It will drastically increase testosterone levels at the appropriate dose.

So that goes into TRT a little bit. If you're not already seeing a doctor to get on TRT or to monitor your hormone levels you should be doing that. A good Naturopath or men's clinic should be doing blood work on you, a full panel and looking at specifically your testosterone, along with growth hormone, DHEA, estrogen, et cetera, and determining whether or not you need to be on testosterone before you touch anything like this. That should be the number one priority.

Before you hop on SARMs, go see a good doctor and see about getting on TRT, because almost every man in America has a low testosterone level compared to what they should be. Guys should be around 700 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter of testosterone. Most guys in America are 500 or below, significantly below. I think around 30% of the population is below 300. Very low. Very horrible for a population to have that low of a testosterone level. So that should be the number one priority, is to get that checked from a good doctor who knows what they're talking about.

So that goes back to the stacks. Again, if you're going to be running stacks of something, it's best to always have something maintaining your testosterone levels throughout that cycle so that you don't have the nasty side effects of a low testosterone level during your cycle. And then post cycle, if your testosterone level is low, it's going to be extremely hard to maintain whatever you gained throughout that cycle of whatever you are taking. Okay? And again, I'm not recommending you guys use sarms or pro hormones or any of that stuff without talking to a doctor, et cetera. So please do your research. If you guys haven't subscribed already, please do that, like share comment. I appreciate the support in growing this channel, and I'll see you guys in the next video. Take care.

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