Are labs important when using SARMs or Steroids?

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Hey, guys, welcome back to Dadbod2.0. My name is Brian, and today I want to talk about the importance of blood work, before we get into that, as you guys know, for everything that I talk about on my channel, you can find the link in the video description. There are discount codes for all those companies. I'm constantly updating that list. So please don't email me or message me or tag me or whatever asked me where my sources are, because they're right here. If I talk about it, if I have the ability to recommend a place or a product, it's going to be at that link in the video description. So don't ask me for specific things in the comments on videos, especially when they're illegal. I'm NOT going to tell you where to go by illegal stuff period. But if you want the other stuff, push the link in the video description.


Labs are extremely important before a cycle and after a cycle. If you can do them during a cycle too, that is really good. But if you can do before and after, that's good enough and I think everybody knows this.


Mid cycle blood work is really good, so you know exactly what the products are doing to your system.


Now, I'm not a doctor or anything like that, so don't take my word for this. Go do your own research. Talk to your doctor, please, before you do anything. But that's my opinion on it based on my own experience and research and seeing what happens with everybody else when they do and don't take advice to do labs. So the reason labs before any cycle is important is so that you know what your hormone levels are before going onto a cycle. And it's not just hormones. You're also looking at liver enzymes, you're looking at cholesterol levels. There are a ton of factors that go into pre cycle labs, and you need that information so that when you're done with the cycle and you're back to normal, you can check it and make sure that, yes, you are actually back to normal, okay? If your cholesterol is still way off then you have an issue you have to deal with, right? That's why labs are important before a cycle and why they're important after a cycle. So make sure you're getting those done. Now, for those of us that are not on TRT, or I should say for those of you who are not on TRT year round, I highly recommend going to see a doctor and getting on TRT. It's the best decision I've made for my own health and fitness is getting on TRT year round and they do these labs for me.


So I went and found myself a good Naturopath. He did my labs before I got on anything. Then he got me on TRT, did labs six months later, and then he does them every year after that. I can do them more often on request.


It is very important for anybody who is going to be cycling anything. Thankfully, I have labs going back for about 15 years that I can reference to cover everything, full panel, labs. And so having that record and knowing exactly what's going on in my body every year is very good. It's nice to have that record, be able to look back and make sure that over the decades, my body is staying healthy. I don't want to be getting maybe my liver enzymes off on one test, and then the next one they're off a little bit more. That would be a bad trend. You can look back in your labs and see that and make sure that's not from something your taking. You can make sure that that's not happening when you're doing your labs on a regular basis.



So very important now, if you don't have a TRT doctor doing your labs on a regular basis, you should be doing your labs anyway. If you have a link to the video description, there's a company there that does labs, so you can go check them out, get a lot of questions, asking what you guys can get labs done so there's a link for you guys there. I actually designed that lab panel, so I took the panel that they offered on their website. I asked them to tweak it a little bit, and so it's available for you guys. There link in the video description. Go check it out. If you're somebody who is doing all this without a doctor's supervision, which is not recommended, you can get those labs done on a routine basis before, during, after a cycle, whatever. And then you have records. And then if something happens down the road, you can take them to your doctor and they know what's going on, right? Very important to be monitoring your health over the years. You don't want to end up with having a heart attack or stroke or liver failure, organ failure or whatever because you weren't monitoring your system.


You don't want to end up growing boobs because you weren't monitoring prolactin and estrogen, right? So there are tons of side effects that can be prevented by doing the labs. It could be deadly. They could be cosmetic, they could be mood related, they could be sex drive related. And only your labs are really going to tell you a thorough story on what's going on. You hear the gym bros? Oh, yeah, you feel a little bit moody or, oh, yeah, you're doing some superdrol, they say you need to take clomid right? Well, maybe you're on something else, and they say tamoxifen for everything, in their opinion. But really, you need to be on an anti-prolactin, because that is what is elevated and not your estrogen for example. So you can't really know what's going on without having those labs done. And please talk to your doctor before you do anything very important to get all your information and oversight from a doctor, not from some gym bro like me on YouTube. But I'm telling you to go do this in a safe way with a doctor supervision and get your labs done so you're not screwing yourself over for long term and end up like me and have it going for a gyno surgery because I was stupid and I blocked my estrogen and not my prolactin.


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